Cambridge student burnt £20 in front of a homeless person. Sounds like he needs to become more aware of the issues and human rights – that’s the purpose of our Sleepout on 24th March. Letters have gone out. Do get your reply slips back soon!

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Sleep-out News

On the 24/3/16 we have planned to hold a sleepout at our school in our school in York; we have invited our a Peacejam group from school as well. Our plan is to spend a night in the cold with only the bare essentials, a cardboard box, a sleeping bag and a newspaper.

Our Project

img_1812Our PeaceJam project is about raising awareness and understanding of homelessness in a novel way. We want put ourselves in their position to feel what life is like for them and we are going to research and find out about what leads to homelessness and what can be done in the future to minimise it. Our project is one of a Billion Acts Of Peace – a campaign designed to promote acts critical to achieving world peace.

Billion Acts of Peace is part of PeaceJam, which is something all young people should be involved in. Find out more at: PeaceJam